Day 1/100: We’ve all got to start somewhere

It’s Day #1 of my 100 Day Challenge, and every beginning like this is daunting.

A few years ago while living abroad, I was a gym regular, every day after work. I lost 12kg in 8 weeks and felt better than ever. But then bad health forced me to quit. I worked out here and there, signed up to programmes but nothing stuck. Mainly because I came up with excuses ranging from “I’m tired” to “there’s not enough space for a yoga mat.”

I did try to get back into Tai Chi and Qi Gong, attended regular classes, but then work commitments took over. Same with swimming. I had a swimming buddy and went every week for 2 hours, but then the local pool got demolished and we’ve not found an affordable alternative within driving distance yet.

My current gym is literally next door to my place of work. I’ve been a member since September, but sciatica pain due to recent trauma and grief prevented me from actually going. I ended up in the hospital and on strong meds, with doctor’s orders not to go to the gym until cleared by my physiotherapists and the doc. So here I am. Several months later and finally cleared to resume workouts!

The exercise plan I already have is designed to help strengthen my back muscles more than anything else. And I agree, that’s one of the reasons why I even go to the gym. But I also want to lose weight (a lot of it!), improve my stamina and strength, and get fitter and healthier over all.

So as a start, today’s workout consisted of:

10mins on the Bike to warm up, Level 3

3 x 15 Leg extensions with 15kg

3 x 15 Leg curls with 15kg

3 x 15 Lower Back Extension with 20kg

3 x 15 Chest Press with 15kg

3 x 15 Leg Press with 60kg

3 x 15 Abductor with 45kg

3 x 15 Butterfly with 15kg




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